The Spontaneous Prose Store
The Spontaneous Prose Store

Welcome to The Spontaneous Prose Store: Your one-stop-shop for pocket-sized profundities!

Choose a topic, title, or the whole first line and watch as the Proprietor composes a poem before your very eyes on a 1957 Smith Corona Skyriter.


Kaile H. Glick is an aspiring librarian, infamous woman of letters, and all-around stand-up guy. As The Proprietor of The Spontaneous Prose Store they have dispensed custom prose-poetry to innumerable pedestrians and party-goers around the world.

They are the author of The Spontaneous Prose Anthology Vol. 1 (2012), a collaboration with illustrator Olga Abeleva, Passenger Variations & Other Poems (2014), Holy Mess (2015) and the recent chapbook Starfucker (2019).

Kaile has been featured on CBC radio and Bill Bradley’s American Voices. Their poems have appeared in: Forum, 16th & Mission Review, Broken Pencil Magazine and Made in Shoreditch Magazine.


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